Reconciliation Thunder gratefully acknowledges that start up funding was provided through the Investment Readiness Program.

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Nisto Consulting Inc. is proud to provide an endorsement for Reconciliation Thunder.

“As a Cree/Dene from Ft. McKay First Nation, Alberta, I have specialized in the development and delivery of Indigenous awareness training to thousands of participants across Canada since 2007. These participants have included leaders and change agents in government, schools, businesses, scientists, supervisors, managers, human relations, health workers, teachers, police, and emergency services. In my experience, I have seen a wide variety of useful content created by Indigenous academics and organizations. In this context, I find that the resources created by Reconciliation Thunder are of professional quality. To every leader who is serious about supporting reconciliation within your organization, business, or sphere of influence I highly recommend using the resources made available by Reconciliation Thunder Inc.”

kinanâskomitin  (Thankyou in Cree)

~Holly Fortier~

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Circles for Reconciliation is pleased to provide a word of endorsement for Reconciliation Thunder Inc.

‘Over the past few years Reconciliation Thunder and Circles for Reconciliation have had the pleasure of collaborating on a number of initiatives such as the #94in94 campaign. The feedback we have heard from this campaign has been very positive. The content that Reconciliation Thunder has been able to facilitate delivering to the community has been very educational and moving. Our partnership reaffirms our sense that the work we are doing is important and is truly essential for walking the path to reconciliation.”


In partnership,

Dr. Raymond F. Currie, Project Coordinator

Grace Schedler, Indigenous Ambassador

Ingrid Dowan, National Project Advisor 

Circles for Reconciliation Inc.

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“Dynacare was privileged to have Jimmy from Reconciliation Thunder deliver a moving lecture during our 2021 Truth and Reconciliation Day events.  Jimmy spoke to the past, present, and future of reconciliation in Canada from an Indigenous perspective; focusing on what we can do as individuals and as an organization to move towards meeting the 94 calls to action.  This national presentation was the best attended to date, and helped start many conversations amongst our frontline staff and leadership team.  Thank you Jimmy, and hope you will join us again to facilitate our learnings surrounding the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action and ongoing commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion as an organization.” 

“Reconciliation Thunder is what Canada needs right now.  An organization dedicated to opening the hearts and minds of Non-Indigenous leaders through resources that are built on compassion and unity.  REFINE has had the opportunity to work with Reconciliation Thunder in supporting the development of their organization and has seen first hand the passion and professionalism they embody.  Reconciliation Thunder’s commitment is to Canada, but they meet each individual where they are.  I am excited to continue to grow with this organization and see how they can help leaders across Canada come together to act on some of the most important opportunities for Canada to become a better place for everyone.’


Kailee Dianne Grimolfson

President, REFINE

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